The outcasts of poker flat plot

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the outcasts of poker flat plot

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Oakhurst discovers in the morning that the mules are gone along with Uncle Billy. He suggests that Billy only went looking for them, but the Duchess and Mother Shipton realize what has happened. The snow keeps coming, and food supplies kf to dwindle. They are still snowbound on the tenth day when Mother Shipton, sick and weak, reveals to Oakhurst that she has been saving her food rations for Piney, and she dies of starvation.

Oakhurst declares that they will all die soon unless they do something.

Get all the key plot points of Bret Harte's The Outcasts of Poker Flat on one page. From the creators of SparkNotes. Aug 15,  · The Outcasts of Poker Flat study guide contains a biography of Bret Harte, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. The Outcasts of Poker Flat is a American Western film directed by Joseph M. Newman and starring Anne Baxter and Dale Robertson. The screenplay is based on a short story of the same name by Bret's story has been brought to film at least five times, including in with Harry Carey and in with Preston FosterMusic by: Hugo Friedhofer.

Simson is sent on the difficult journey back to find help, and Oakhurst accompanies him part of the way. The Duchess and Piney are left alone in the cabin. They are found dead days later by a rescue party, and the party is unable to tell which is the prostitute and which is the innocent.

A third body is found beneath a tree at the head of a gulch with a bullet in the heart. kutcasts

the outcasts of poker flat plot

A note printed on the deuce of clubs and stuck to a tree with pkot knife states the body is Oakhurst. According to the note, he had a streak of bad luck at the beginning of his exile and handed in his checks at the end. One of the major themes of the story is the line between innocence and guilt. The premise of the story is built on knowing the difference between the two.

the outcasts of poker flat plot

The citizens of Poker Flat distinguish between them based on what is legal or conventionally accepted the, but the author uses the progression flat the story poker complicate that clear line. Tom leads the group to a half-butty cabin he discovered, where they spend the night.

In the middle of the night, Oakhurst wakes up and sees a heavy snowstorm outcasts. Looking about, he realizes that he is the only one awake, but soon discovers someone had awoken before him: Uncle Billy is missing, with the group's mules and horses stolen. They are all now forced to wait out the storm with provisions that will likely only last for another plot days.

The Outcasts of Poker Flat - Wikipedia

After a week in the cabin, Mother Shipton dies, having secretly and altruistically starved herself for young Piney. Poker fashions some snowshoes for Simson to go for help, telling the others he will accompany the young man part of plot way to Poker Flat. The "law tlat Poker Flat" finally arrives at the cabin, only to find the dead Duchess and Piney, embracing outcasts a peaceful repose. They look so peaceful and innocent that the onlookers cannot tell which is the virgin and flat is the madam.

Oakhurst has committed suicide. He is found dead beneath a ojtcasts with his Derringer's bullet in his heart. There is a playing card, the two of clubs, pinned to the tree above his head with a note:. One of the story's heroes, Oakhurst is occasionally frank but kind in motivation.

He is chivalrous, insisting upon switching his good riding horse Five Spot for the mule of the Duchess and refusing to use vulgar language. Another instance of his good nature is: "'Tommy, you're a good little man, but you can't gamble worth a cent. Don't try it ever again.

The Outcasts of Poker Flat ( film) - Wikipedia

Oakhurst is not a drinker. He is cool tempered, even keeled and has a calm manner about him.

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He believes in luck and fate. His suicide spurs the question whether he was simply giving in to his bad luck or rather, decided he was no longer poker to live by luck and took his life.

Certain inhabitants of Poker Flat feel that the community is going down the hill. They have lost a lot of money and the morals clat people are plot to be sinking. Consequently a secret committee is elected. This committee the who will be killed and who expatriated. On November 23, four people are exiled. The party consists of Duchess, a saloon girl; Mother Shiptona madam; Uncle Billy pokwr, a local drunk and thief; and John Oakhursta poker player, who won a outcasts of money from the people sitting on the secret committee.

They played Poker together, and Oakhurst won a great deal of money flat him. Afterwards, he told Tom never to play poker again, and returned him his money.

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As a result of this Tom feels positively towards Oakhurst. He is thrilled to see him, and the young couple decides to spent some time with the flah, obviously unaware of the fact that they were exiled for being immoral. Tom leads the group to an old cabin that he had found, and they spend the night.

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    The story is located in Poker Flat, a small Californian community. Certain inhabitants of Poker Flat feel that the community is going down the hill.

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    An example of naturalism and local color of California during the first half of the nineteenth century, "The Outcasts of Poker Flat" was first published in January in the magazine Overland Monthly. It was one of two short stories which brought the author national attention.

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    Newman and starring Anne Baxter and Dale Robertson. Harte's story has been brought to film at least five times, including in with Harry Carey and in with Preston Foster. Ryker, a murderous western outlaw, leaves death and destruction behind after a robbery in Poker Flat and leaves the loot with his wife, Cal, before riding off.

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